Medical Needs

The mass care shelters designated in Monroe County cannot take medical needs patients, as they will not be equipped or staffed to deal with the particular needs of these citizens.  Monroe County does not have a designated medical needs shelter!

The Alabama Department of Pubic Health (ADPH), during times of mandatory evacuations, will activate emergency Medical Needs Shelters in various locations throughout the State of Alabama for persons with physical and/or mental conditions who require limited medical/nursing oversight, such as:
  • Persons living with mild dementia, WITHOUT abusive or wandering behavior
  • Ostomy patients
  • Catheter patients
  • Persons experiencing frequent incontinence (urinary/bowels).
  • Persons who require assistance with medication that needs to be injected.
  • Oxygennebulizer, or sleep apnea therapy that has been stabilized/maintained at home for 30 or more days
  • Hospice patients
  • Intravenous patients
  • Simple dressing changes
  • Peritoneal dialysis, if either self administered or with family assistance WITHOUT complication
Medical oversight will be provided by ADPH to individuals who bring their own caregiver, medical supplies and equipment, and any special dietary supplies needed.

Monroe County does not have a designated medical needs shelter!  Information on the location of medical needs shelters will be made available by the Alabama Department of Public Health when they are opened.