J.T. Johnston - Director

J.T. Johnston was named agency director in November 2011 after having served as volunteer Deputy Director, Public Information Officer, and Communications Officer.  He has been involved with Monroe Co. EMA's response to Hurricanes Ivan and Katrina in addition to working with various agencies on exercises and communications matters.  Currently certified by Alabama Association of Emergency Managers at the Basic Level, he is pursuing Advanced Level Emergency Manager certification.  Mr. Johnston is also an FCC licensed Amateur Extra Class Radio Operator holding callsign N4ZWV.

 - Operations
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  - Administration

__  She is responsible for maintaining the office operations, keeping records, and communicating with served agencies regarding EMA activities and meetings.  In many ways, __ is the voice of Monroe County EMA, because just about anyone that contacts us will talk with her first.  In addition to her normal administrative duties, __ maintains the NIMS certification records for almost every agency in Monroe County.

    Trenton Agee - Logistics

Trenton Agee has been a volunteer for several years and has an extensive background in engineering.  Having retired from Weyerhauser, he worked primarily at their Pine Hill, AL location.  He spent many years living in the Thomasville, AL area, and during that time was a firefighter with Thomasville Fire Department.  Mr. Agee still consults on various engineering projects and spends time visiting family and travelling the country.  While he is home in Monroeville, he donates considerable time to assisting EMA with logistics planning and helps with operations when needed.

    Daniel Day - Planning

Daniel Day has served EMA as a volunteer for a number of years.  He is also a Captain in the Frisco City Fire Department and is the president of the Monroe County Volunteer Firefighter's Association for 2012.  Daniel has been instrumental in coordinating several training classes for area public servants and will continue to work with the director in planning training events that will benefit served agencies in the future.  Additionally, Mr. Day will serve on the county exercise planning team and work with the other members to develop an ongoing exercise cycle that will seek to enhance first responder capabilities and cooperation.



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